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White Dove Release

San Francisco - Bay Area



About our White Doves

Our white doves are clean and tame. They pose no treat to humans or other animals. They love to bathe and keep themselves clean. As with any animal, they have their own individual characteristics and must be handled with care. White doves belong to the same family as pigeons, but are not the same as the ordinary pigeons that you might see flying around. These are homing pigeons that have been especially bred.

Our white doves are put on a special feeding schedule a day before the event and on the day of the event to insure they leave no droppings.

Our white doves have been specially trained and because of their own natural instinct, they can find their way back home. Since their health and safety is important to us, their flights back home are limited to around 150 miles. We schedule a release to allow enough time for them to get back home before sunset.

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