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White Dove Release

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White Dove Release for Weddings, Anniversaries, and Renewal of Vows.

Doves symbolize love, peace, and unity. A white dove release will bring an elegant and unique touch on your special day. The couple will release two doves from a wedding bell or from a beautiful cage. Our handler can release additional white doves right after. The additional doves symbolize the love, support, and good luck that will follow the couple.


  1. Two white doves in a nice cage near the entrance of the church for arriving guest to see. These doves will then be released after the ceremony.
  2. Two white doves in a bell, attached to a decorated arch. This can be used in a garden wedding or any outside wedding location provided a suitable area could be used. May also be used near the entrance of the church provided there is suitable area.
  3. Package 1 or 2 plus additional white doves to be released (up to 12 doves).

Prices vary depending on location of release, package chosen, and number of additional doves.
Contact us for details.


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